Why use FNDZ?

Get better results, save time and own your tokens

Get better results and save time

Following the crypto markets takes time and expertise. FNDZ helps you achieve better results and save time by copying the trading strategies of experienced traders.
You can browse a large catalog of portfolios with a verified track record of fees, trades and financial results. This enables you to trade like a pro without having to research or time the markets yourself.

Own your tokens

With FNDZ, you’re in control. The platform connects directly to your wallet and only your wallet ID can withdraw tokens from a vault. Neither FNDZ nor the trader will ever have access to your funds.
You can enter and exit a vault at any time. There is no lock-in period or exit fee.

Full Transparency

The profit and loss of each vault is verified on-chain, so that users are always 100% sure that the trader whom they are copying is showing them their real results.

Get paid to trade

Are you a good trader? FNDZ enables anyone to open a smart contract vault and earn revenue by sharing their trading expertise.
As a vault manager, you can do the following:
  • Create rulesets for who can deposit and on what terms (minimum deposits, exclusive access for family and friends)
  • Charge a management fee and performance fee
  • Trade over 40+ tokens on Binance Smart Chain
  • Show your results in real-time dashboards
  • Automatically find the best price across multiple DEXs