What is FNDZ?

FNDZ is a decentralized social trading platform. FNDZ enables users to automatically copy the trades of experienced cryptocurrency traders. The platform uses decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure to deliver a transparent copy trading experience.
The FNDZ ecosystem consists of the FNDZ token, which has various utility features, and the FNDZ platform, which allows users to deposit digital assets into vaults managed by experts.
FNDZ puts the ownership of assets into the user’s hands. Trades can be copied with no more effort than connecting a MetaMask wallet to a vault and clicking ‘Deposit’.

FNDZ Token

The FNDZ token can be used for:


You can stake FNDZ tokens and earn a share of performance fees. You will earn rewards in a variety of altcoins. It's an easy way to get rewards in Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and other tokens all in one pool!

Vault manager bonuses

Vault managers can earn an additional 25% of the performance fee (on top of the standard 50%) when they stake 10,000 FNDZ tokens. The more you stake, the more you unlock. The maximum bonus is 25%.
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FNDZ will become a DAO in the near future and enable users to submit governance proposals to a token-based voting system. This ensures that the needs and desires of users are reflected in the changes to the platform.
Any user will be able to propose changes to FNDZ platform; the community as a whole then votes on these proposals using FNDZ tokens.