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Partner Benefits


We’re confident that we’re the most supportive social trading platform on BSC Chain! As one of the first providers of index funds on BSC Chain, FNDZ has created a reputable defi hub that offers both B2B and B2C solutions for our partners and their communities. We focus on building strong relationships to bring the benefits of DeFi to all users!

Partner Benefits

Advisory services: Our team has worked with diverse projects from across crypto, and we take pride in our ability to guide partners and give them the tools to harness the potential of social trading. Working with FNDZ includes tapping into our advisory services; bring us onto your team today!
Community Exposure: Unlike other DEXs, we actually list partner tokens, providing exposure to our community and beyond.
Wide Product Selection: We're not just a place to follow traders. We offer a variety of DeFi products to suit the needs of our partners, including index vaults, auto-rebalancing vaults, staking vaults, treasury management and more!
Marketing Opportunities: We co-market with partner projects to showcase all listings and collaborations. We provide all kinds of support: collateral for your own social channels, custom graphic templates, and more!
Integrations: We work with the top names in crypto when it comes to DEX aggregators, data feeds, wallets, and more.

Contact Us

We invite you to fill out this partner form to tell us a little about your project! One of our team members will contact you within 48 hours.
You can also reach out to us directly on Discord - we look forward to hearing from you!