What is a Vault?

To copy a trader or purchase an index portfolio, you need to select a vault. A vault is a group of smart contracts that are used to store and manage digital assets. It is effectively the storefront for traders to showcase their performance, fees and strategy.
The profit and loss of each vault is verified on the blockchain to ensure the results are 100% real.
When you make a deposit, you receive vault tokens. This is your share of the vault's total capital. When you make a withdrawal, your vault tokens are used to redeem funds from the smart contract. The tokens are tied to your unique wallet ID. Therefore, only your wallet has access to the vault and can withdraw funds from the vault.

Trader Vaults

Trader vaults are portfolios that are set up and managed by FNDZ users. They contain a transparent record of fees, trades and performance. You can find the best performing vaults on the FNDZ Leaderboard.
The blue checkmark shows professional traders that have been verified by the FNDZ team.

Index Vaults

FNDZ offers broad-based index funds (called Index FNDZ) that contain a variety of cryptocurrencies. The index trades automatically and keeps your portfolio balanced as token prices rise and fall in the markets. It’s a convenient way to own crypto without reading the charts 24/7.

AR Vaults

Interested in a coin, but not sure when to trade? AR Vaults are an easy way to time the markets without reading complex charts.
AR Vaults are portfolios that contain a specific token and stablecoins. The vault automatically sells the token when prices rise and buys when prices fall. This rebalancing process limits your downside risk while capturing price growth.