FNDZ Leaderboards are public rankings that display the best performing trader vaults. It provides a feedback loop to benchmark vault managers against their peers and enables users to easily find the best strategies.
To view the Leaderboard, click 'Leaderboard' in the left menu.
FNDZ has multiple leaderboards with a range of metrics: TVL, percentage return since inception; daily (24-hour) profit; weekly and monthly profit. The leaderboard shows the top 20 vaults for each category.
You can sort the leaderboard by clicking on the arrows next to the column headers.

Filter and search options

You can use the "Filter" button to narrow down your selection of vaults. Click "Filter" in the top right corner and use the sliders to select a value. You can filter vaults by their age, performance and total value locked. To apply the filter, click "Apply Filter".
Clicking the X button next to "Applied Filters" removes the filter again.
Last modified 4mo ago