Getting Started

In order to use FNDZ you will need:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    The Binance Chain Network installed in your wallet
  3. 3.
    A minimum of $3 in BNB tokens to pay for transaction fees
  4. 4.
    Stablecoins for depositing into vaults
The below guide shows you how to get started. If you need support, please don't hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram.

Setting up your wallet

MetaMask is a browser-based wallet. It interacts with DeFi applications and Smart Contracts. The MetaMask wallet can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser.
First, let’s setup MetaMask in the Chrome browser:
  1. 1.
    Open a new Chrome browser window and go to the google webstore:
  2. 2.
    Click on 'Add to Chrome' to install the MetaMask plugin.
3. After installing, click on the MetaMask icon on the top right corner of the chrome browser. It will open up MediMask, scroll all the way down and click Accept to agree MetaMask’s terms of use.
If you don't see the icon, right click on the toolbar (top of your browser) and press 'Customize Toolbar'. You can then drag and drop the MetaMask icon onto your toolbar.
4. Then enter a password, confirm the password and click ‘Create’ for a new account. With this account you can send and receive Ether and ERC20 tokens and use smart contracts.
5. MetaMask will now show you a 12-word recovery key (Seed Phrase) as below.
6. These 12 words are the only way to recover MetaMask accounts if you forget the password. It should be kept in a safe place, for example, in a notebook or on a USB key stored in a safe. Then click on 'I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE'. The main MetaMask menu will open as below.
That's it! You’ve just created a new Ethereum address with MetaMask! You can find your address by clicking "Account 1" at the top center of the main menu. You will automatically copy the address to your clipboard.
Now you need to install the Binance Smart Chain in your wallet (see below).

Installing the Binance Smart Chain network

To use the FNDZ app you need to install the BSC network. This is the main blockchain where all trading activities take place.
  1. 1.
    Open and log in to your MetaMask wallet.
2. From the account options, which is a circle icon, go to 'Settings'.
3. Once you are in settings, select 'Networks'.
4. Press the 'Add Network' button.
5. You will be taken to a new screen. This is the most important step as this is where you will enter the information to connect to the Binance Smart Chain. Enter the following new information and press ‘Save’:
Network Name: Smart Chain
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
6. After you press Save, you will be brought back to the wallet screen. There are two signs that the Binance Smart Chain has been added to your wallet. The two red boxes on the screenshot below confirm this. The first box at the top shows the BNB token standard, and the bottom right says ‘Smart Chain was successfully added’.
7. To deposit Binance coin (BNB) into your wallet, you need to obtain your wallet address by clicking on it. You can then send BNB to your wallet.

Purchasing BNB tokens

You can purchase BNB tokens on the FNDZ website and swap them for FNDZ tokens on PancakeSwap.
We support the following payment options:
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Revolut
  • Manual bank transfer
You can also purchase BNB on MoonPay or, to purchase BNB on Binance, follow this guide.
The below section (Purchasing stablecoins) is optional. If you purchase enough BNB tokens, you can swap some of them for stablecoins (BUSD) on PancakeSwap. You will need to have stablecoins (BUSD, USDT, DAI) in your wallet to copy traders on FNDZ.

Purchasing stablecoins

You can purchase BUSD stablecoins on the FNDZ website.
  1. 1.
    Click on 'Buy Now' using the BANXA or Flooz Pay option. Then, select 'BUSD'.
  2. 2.
    Follow the checkout instructions as shown.
You can use Apple Pay, Credit Card, Google Pay, Revolut or a manual bank transfer.