There are three types of fees. Note that all fees are transparent and visible in the "Vault Details" section.
You can also view a vault's fees and how often they are due by clicking on the “Fees” tab at the bottom of a vault page.
Management fee: This is a yearly fee charged on the total capital in the vault. It ranges between zero and three percent.
Half (50%) of the management fee goes to the FNDZ DAO to maintain the platform.
Performance fee: The performance fee is charged on profits. It ranges between zero and 30%. A portion (12.5 to 25%) gets sent directly to the FNDZ staking pool as rewards.
One quarter (25%) goes to the FNDZ DAO to fund competitions and new feature development.
Trading fee: There is a small transaction fee (maximum 0.2%). It is used to cover infrastructure costs.
There is a small gas fee that is paid to the Binance Smart Chain. It is usually between $0.06 and $0.40. You only have to pay gas fees when you make a deposit and withdraw. You do NOT need to pay gas fees to copy a trader.
Please make sure you have BNB tokens in your wallet to pay for gas.

Referral bonuses

You can earn 1% of the total deposit value when you refer friends to a vault. To refer a friend, click the 'Refer a Friend' button in the top right corner of a vault page.
You can share the vault via email, social media or a direct URL link. To get the reward, please make sure your friends click on the link and then make a deposit into the vault.