Choosing a Vault

Once you have found a vault, you can click on “View Details” to get in-depth information. It covers three sections: Returns, Holdings and Fundamentals. Note that you can change the currency used to display numbers by clicking the settings icon in the bottom left corner.


The top half of a vault’s page shows you its performance over time, as well as the fees, profit and loss, and number of depositors. You can also see the share price directly on the main chart.
The drop down menu in the top left corner of the chart allows you to view the vault’s share price or its assets under management. The monthly return table shows you how the share price has changed each month based on the vault’s performance.

Favorite Vaults

You can add a vault to your favorites list by clicking the star icon next to the vault name.


Below the Monthly Return table you'll find the vault's current holdings (e.g. which tokens are held in the portfolio).


The bottom of the page shows you more in-depth information, such as the vault’s fee terms, deposit rules, recent trades and a description of the trading strategy.

Vault Info

The Vault Info tab shows the vault’s inception date, denomination asset and smart contract address. The denomination asset is the asset that you must use to make a deposit. There is also a trading strategy description and more information about the trader that manages the vault. If the trader has provided links to their socials, feel free to connect with them.


The Financials section shows the vault’s total asset under management, as well as the profit and loss track record since it was launched.


The Fees section lays out the management and performance fee, and how often they are due. The management fee is charged annually on your deposit and the performance fee is charged on profits.


The Ruleset section shows the depositing rules. The vault can have no specific rules, in which case anyone can make a deposit. In some cases (like above) there is a minimum deposit limit, or a whitelist that allows only certain wallet addresses to make a deposit.

Depositors and Deposits

The Deposits section shows the BNB Chain addresses that hold shares in the vault, and the Depositors section, below, shows when they purchased them.

Most Recent Trades

Finally, the Most Recent Trades section shows the vault's transaction history - what it's bought, and sold.