FNDZ Staking provides rewards over time. When you stake FNDZ tokens, you earn a share of performance fees. Performance fees are set by traders and charged on profits generated by their vault. When fees are collected, 12.5 - 25% is sent directly to the staking pool.

Earning Rewards

On the Staking page you can see the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). This is the amount of yearly reward tokens calculated as a percentage of your input.
The APYs are dynamic. When traders achieve high profits for their followers, the staking rewards increase. This is because the performance fee is only charged on profits.
Since performance fees are collected in a variety of altcoins, you can earn FNDZ tokens and multiple altcoins in a single staking contract. It’s an easy way to diversify!
A few important things to note about the FNDZ Staking Pool:
  1. 1.
    You can stake as many FNDZ tokens as you want
  2. 2.
    You can unstake some or all of your tokens after 10 days
  3. 3.
    Unstaking before the 10-day period expires will incur a 5% fee charged on the total deposit
  4. 4.
    Rewards are not auto-compounded back to the Staking Pool
  5. 5.
    You can unstake your rewards and add them back to the staking pool at any time
NOTE: APYs are constantly changing as a result of fluctuations in pool size, performance fee yield and TVL. Listed APYs only provide a snapshot of those factors and are subject to change daily. They DO NOT account for the effects of compounding (re-staking earned reward tokens back as input tokens).

How it works

Staking Pool APYs are based on three factors: the amount of profits earned by vaults, the amount of capital deposited in vaults (TVL), and the size of the staking pool. Let’s look at how changes to these factors affect the APY:
  • Staking rewards come from performance fees. This fee is charged only on profits. Therefore, when vaults are achieving high profits, the APY increases.
  • If more capital is deposited in vaults and those vaults make a profit, the APY increases. This is because the performance fee is charged on more capital.
  • If the number of input tokens in the staking pool increases, the APY decreases. This is because the same amount of reward tokens are distributed against more input tokens.

How to stake tokens

1) Connect your wallet to FNDZ (for instructions, visit the Connecting Your Wallet page)
2) Click on 'Staking' in the left menu
3) Click the 'Stake FNDZ' button
4) Enter the amount of FNDZ tokens you would like to stake. You can also use the 'Max' button or the slider to enter your desired amount. Then click 'Stake FNDZ'.
5) Confirm in your wallet. Note: Make sure you have BNB tokens in your wallet to pay for gas fees.
Done! You are now staking FNDZ tokens and earning multiple tokens in one go!

Collecting your rewards

You can use the 'Claim Rewards' button to claim your reward tokens at any time.
NOTE: There is a small gas fee to claim your rewards. Please make sure you have BNB tokens in your wallet to pay for gas. We recommend letting your rewards build up so that you can claim them in one go and save on gas costs.