FNDZ Token Utility

The FNDZ platform uses the utility token named FNDZ.

General Details

Ticker: $FNDZ
Contract Address: 0x7754c0584372D29510C019136220f91e25a8f706
Chain: BNB Chain (BEP-20)
The FNDZ token serves several functions for the protocol, including staking in FNDZ pools to earn rewards, rewarding traders with additional revenue, and voting on governance proposals.

What can I do with FNDZ tokens?

As a primary utility token, FNDZ can be used in several ways:
1) Stake FNDZ tokens in our Staking Pool to earn more FNDZ and tokens from other projects.
2) Earn additional revenue as a vault owner.
3) Add liquidity on PancakeSwap by pairing FNDZ with BNB to create liquidity provider tokens (FNDZ-LP tokens) that earn trading fees.
4) Submitting and voting on governance proposals.

How do I get FNDZ tokens?

You can purchase FNDZ using BNB Chain tokens on the Swap tab of the FNDZ platform.
You can also swap FNDZ tokens on any Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that supports Binance Smart Chain (i.e. PancakeSwap). Or, you can purchase FNDZ tokens with a credit card using our secure payment terminal provider BANXA or Flooz Pay.
Visit the how to purchase FNDZ section to learn more.