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FNDZ’s security is extremely important to us. We understand the protocol’s complexity, the challenges of releasing bug-free software, and the responsibilities of maintaining a non-custodial platform. As a result, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that the system has been thoroughly evaluated by top security organizations and that it has been thoroughly scrutinized internally.The FNDZ Protocol is audited by ZOKYO. You can find the reports from our audits here. FNDZ Protocol's smart contract code is open source, and we encourage members of the technical community to evaluate and verify our code.

Audits is committed to earning the trust of users by ensuring the safety of the FNDZ protocol. The Security Team is dedicated to adhering to compliance certifications that maintain the security, confidentiality and availability of user information.Early in 2022, FNDZ was audited by an independent smart contract auditor to validate our adherence to quality, security and correctness requirements. FNDZ cares about achieving certifications because our adherence to these standards creates confidence to users across the globe that we are serious about security.However, we encourage anyone considering using FNDZ with a significant amount of assets to conduct their own audits.The most recent audit of the FNDZ smart contracts can be found here.

Bug bounty

The security of our users’ data and assets is our top priority. Despite the fact that our specialists are constantly working to improve the security of our systems, security flaws can never be completely ruled out. Security researchers play an integral role in the ecosystem by discovering vulnerabilities in the software development process. FNDZ welcomes and seeks to reward eligible contributions from security researchers. If you are a security researcher and have found a vulnerability in a FNDZ product, we want to hear from you.